Learn To Play Guitar Online

Learn to Play Guitar Online

Do you hate being a beginner?

I know I do. Starting something from scratch can be one horrendous experience. As far as learning music is concerned, it’s no different. The Guitar can appear as alien as a high-tech meteor from outer space until someone teaches you the right way.

The internet is littered with guides and manuals that aims to teach guitar to unwary youngsters while actually most of the websites are hoping to make a quick buck.

A personal teacher is without a doubt the best choice but that too comes at a heavy price in return the personal touch and dedication given to the student. And most cannot afford that. Fortunately, there is an almost perfect alternative available.

Jamorama is an online tutor website that has been around for years and has evolved from a fairly primitive online database to a highly sophisticated online school. It can facilitate at easing your journey through these treacherous waters and providing you with the much needed joy alongside the learning process. They possess the best array of instructor from anywhere around the world and have made it their mission to lead you to success in your goals.

You’re not alone when it comes to being a beginner. We have been through this stage and we know how to get you out of it with the help of caring tutors. Mark McKenzie is a veteran tutor who has been teaching for twenty years and knows every trick and secret of the trade.

Whether you have never even touched a guitar in your life, or you have twiddled with it before but without success or if you have been trying for a long time but getting nowhere, we have the right tools to bring you up to speed.

The novice holds to benefit the most. The beginner courses are the crux of the whole program and are divided into the chord series and Beginner guitar method series, teaching how to hold and use a pick. Not using the pick is one of the most basic mistakes students make. Strumming methods, finger strengthening and freestyling. Ultimately, you will reach a stage where your strum and chord changes are perfected.

Jamorama has an exceptional community of learners; a tight knit group that aid each other in getting through this school, because this is a school, albeit unlike any other. You can ask questions about any lessons that bug, ask for advice and there will be someone in the community who will get back to you with a satisfactory answer.

There are many benefits of signing up for this course. First of all you, you will have unlimited access to all the data that is available in our huge library of learning material. The site is regularly improved with new courses added every now and then.

It is versatile and can is mobile-friendly, so there’s no hassle with viewing any lesson anywhere, anytime.

It provides you with a step-by-step guide, that is very well organized and equipped with beautiful imagery and illustration to aid you. The huge amount of files can appear daunting but once you realize the organization, you will know that there is no information overload. The guide offers you tips, symbols, warnings to improve good habits and end bad ones in the process.

The best thing about the course are the high quality videos, recorded with exceptional care from every angle for you to visualize every aspect of guitar playing. The audio quality is without blemish and the editing is flawless.

There are numerous exercises and TAB files included for you to practice each session.

For Newbies, free guitar courses are available for you to test the product. There’s a brilliant two week kick-start course to launch you onto the platform. Then there’s the essential guitar strums course, to make yourself play the way you want it to sound, and also to help you sing along with your playing. Sounds fun?

There is the Beginner chord blitz and advanced guitar picking course as well.

The chord book is your Gospel, covering all the fundamentals or the commandments as you may refer to them. It includes the major chords, minor chords, the 7th, both major and minor and provides suggested chords techniques.

There are your Jam tracks: Blues, rock and country.

Jamorama has been online for nearly ten years and has enjoyed a lot of success. And by success, we mean the success of its students. Have a look through the staggeringly flattering testimonials from people who have benefited from the program.

We must remember that true success comes from mastering the theory in practice. To read and to apply in small quantities which is exactly what Jamorama teaches.

Yes, it is true that there are other online courses available but Jamorama is the cheapest. Look it up, if you don’t believe us. One on one learning from Mark McKenzie at only $10 a month.