Why Attending Music Events Should be at the Top of Your to Do List

Why Attending Music Events Should be at the Top of Your to Do List

Attending a music event is not only an excellent way to spend an evening, it being a change of pace from staying home and watching TV or going to the movies, but it will also be of great benefit for your health and well-being.

Listening to Music Has Some Health Benefits, Science Has Concluded

Lifehack reports that some scientific studies have found that just listening to music has some benefits. Music makes you happy, lifts your depression, lowers your stress, helps you eat less, helps you exercise more, helps you sleep, enhances your memory and your capability to learn, and reduces pain, among other things. Music communicates feelings and concepts that transcend language and cultural background.

So Why Should I Attend a Music Event Instead of Just Staying at Home and Popping in a CD?

Human beings are social animals. We tend to like doing things in groups. That is true about listening to music, whether it’s going to a club where a cool jazz band is providing the entertainment or to an arena with friends for the hottest concert of the year. The social benefit even adheres when you go to the symphony or some other more high-brow music event. You can have the experience with a spouse, a significant other, or a group of friends, and then you can have the added pleasure of recalling what just happened at a restaurant or bar after the performance. You will grow closer to the people with whom you shared the outing. Lifehack has some other benefits for attending a live concert.

A live show, especially with a band that has a driving beat, will cause you to burn more calories than if you stayed home and listened to the band’s album while lolling on the couch. You will likely be jumping up and down, yelling, and even dancing in the aisles. A club that has a dance floor will be a good place to get in some aerobic exercise, as well.

Let’s also admit that going out to a concert is just more exciting than staying home. A music event is a special occasion, something to be enjoyed while it happens and to be savored afterward when thinking back on it. Some concerts can be so memorable that you’ll be boring the grandkids, who don’t appreciate Granddad’s or Grandma’s music at all, with it decades later.

Going to a concert, even in a club, will be a chance to experience the sounds of a new band before they make it big. If you can brag that you saw such and such band before they became famous, you will have bragging rights to the end of your days.

What Sort of Music Events Should I Attend?

The answer to that question depends on your tastes in music and your mood. Some people avoid the modern world and stick to listening to Beethoven or Mozart at the symphony. That’s fine, not the least because classical music can enhance intelligence. America has some incredible venues for classical music that are well worth a visit.

Other people like the big arena concert, whether the artist was big in their youth or if they’re at the height of their fame and fortune. If this sounds like your preference, take a look at the PNC Bank Arts Centre upcoming events and see if their schedule appeals to you. Others will go down to the local club and listen to an up-and-coming group over beer and conversation. For those who are a little light in the purse, a lot of free concerts in the park and other venues are available.

No matter what your music taste, you’re guaranteed to find an event for you.