Learn to Play Guitar Online

Do you hate being a beginner?

I know I do. Starting something from scratch can be one horrendous experience. As far as learning music is concerned, it’s no different. The Guitar can appear as alien as a high-tech meteor from outer space until someone teaches you the right way.

The internet is littered with guides and manuals that aims to teach guitar to unwary youngsters while actually most of the websites are hoping to make a quick buck. Read more

Review of Jamorama – Video Guitar Lessons that Rock

This article is about our opinion of what we think of the well-known Jamorama program. This comprehensive review will help you decide whether you’re spending your money and time in the right place.

The Jamorama package offers an abundant amount of material to aid you in your learning process. Among the whole package, it includes a 250 pages of lessons, with step-by-step illustrations, chords diagrams to help you recall previous techniques, 150 HD video lessons and an ample collection of recorded jam tracks. Plus, there are the bonuses.When you purchase your product, you’re brought to the member’s only area equipped with a handy interface from you can access all your courses. The courses can be downloaded with relative ease, the total amounting to almost 500MB worth of downloadable data. It is actually quite sophisticated and neatly organized so that once you get into the flow of your lessons, you will realize that it really isn’t as much as it seems. Read more